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Apple VR leak: Could these 5 apps really sell you on a $3,000 headset?

Apple VR leak Could these 5 apps really sell you

Apple VR/AR headset It’s been a rocky few months in the run-up to In’s impending announcement WWDC. But according to a new report from Bloomberg Mark GormanTo justify the price, the company will focus on five major applications.

But will that $3,000 cost make it worthwhile for potential users? I’m not sure. Let’s take a look at what the report talked about.

1. Watch live sports in virtual reality

The big move from this leak could be the next step in live sports on Apple TV. Friday Night Baseball might be getting the virtual reality treatment, with the option to have a front row seat to watch the game.

It may be one of the biggest selling points, however, as exclusive content has always been an important factor in a lot of VR headsets. For example, there is a reason for a file Pico 4 The headset is a solid piece of hardware, but in the face Meta Quest 2It has a mountain to climb in terms of apps and games.

2. VR FaceTime

According to Gorman, there will be “a version of FaceTime conferencing.” Details are a bit thin on the ground, but as far as a VR headset goes, you can only assume it’ll be some form of metaverse-esque chat space with the tighter controls you’ve come to expect from Apple.

What does this mean to turn memoji into a full avatar creation service? I don’t know. But I hope I can turn myself into a shark, because this is 100% my favorite.

3. Immersive Apple Fitness

Along with VR FaceTime, we could also see a revamped version of Apple Fitness +, which makes all those workout sessions even more immersive. This could mean that training videos will put you inside the workout room that Apple uses for all of its content.

The ultimate question here is actual usability. The premium materials that were used to build this speaker could mean extra weight, and the battery pack you put in your pocket could mean that the cable could get in the way of your dangling arms.

4. An “enhanced” version of Safari

A web browser is important to any headset – allowing you to access VR content on YouTube, and unlock many other big screen experiences. So naturally, Apple is bringing Safari to Reality Pro.

Not only that, but it goes as far as I’ll say in number five, which is to give you everything in one place instead of you having to go to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to make up.

5. The rest of the members of the IOS

Finally, Gorman reports on Apple’s work adapting iPad apps to the world of virtual reality. These include “enhanced versions” of services including “calendars, contacts, files, home control, mail, maps, messages, notes, photos, and reminders, as well as the music, news, stocks, and weather apps.”

The team is banking on its tight integration with all the things you know and love on iOS, so it becomes a one-stop-shop. This way, you don’t need to go through the rules of switching devices to interact with various Apple services.


Apple is clearly throwing the kitchen sink into the VR headset problem. Confidence isn’t high in a successful launch, and while I applaud the attempt to provide more things to do on the headset, I don’t think it will be enough to sell you on the $3,000 system.

There must be a killer app out there, and that will explain how quickly the App Store library is growing. My gut feeling is screaming “that’s a proof of concept” at the top of his lungs, so while it’ll certainly look cool on the WWDC stage, the first generation of Apple VR headsets will probably be a tough sell.

I always say “wait for the second generation,” when it comes to Apple products, and that doubles as its VR aspirations — since there might be A cheaper version is in the works.

What do you think?

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