Get up to $500 from Microsoft by trading in an old laptop — what’s yours worth?

Get up to 500 from Microsoft by trading in an

Have an old laptop lying around gathering dust? Why not convert that unwanted mass into cash? Thanks to a new online exchange program, if your laptop fits their criteria (and it’s among our list of accepted laptops, convertibles, gaming laptops, and more), you could get up to $500 — straight to your bank account. .

To maximize your profits, your laptop must be in working condition, come with a charger, and other specifications. The best part is that your laptop doesn’t do that Owns To be a Microsoft laptop to take advantage of the tech giant’s online commerce program in Redmond.

How does Microsoft Online Trade-in work?

If you are interested in participating in Microsoft’s online trade-in program, you will first have to verify the eligibility of your used laptop and obtain the trade-in value. You can do that by clicking here. (Opens in a new tab)

You will be asked to select your device type followed by the brand. Microsoft accepts older laptop computers from the following OEMs:

  • easier
  • apple
  • Asus
  • Dale
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • scanner
  • hawk
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • ToshibaMicrosoft Surface Laptop 4

Next, you will be asked if the laptop is working or not. The first, of course, increases your earnings. What is a “working” laptop? Check Microsoft’s description below.

  • It should launch and run all the way to your desktop
  • All keys on the keyboard, including volume and mute, should work
  • No cracks and no dead pixels
  • The housing must be completely intact with no cracks or missing parts
  • There are no inscriptions or asset markings
  • It should support normal operation without charger support
  • All other aspects should function normally, including (but not limited to) the wireless connection

You may also be asked to select your laptop’s storage and RAM configuration. Finally, you will be asked if you have the charger that came with your laptop.

Once your laptop has been appraised at trade-in value, you must create an account with Teladvance (a company that specializes in electronics recycling), print a prepaid label, and have it shipped within 15 days. After everything is done at Teladvance’s end, you’ll get paid via PayPal or your bank in less than two weeks.

If Teladvance rejects your laptop, it will be recycled or returned to you for free.

You can trade tablets, game consoles and phones. For example, if you trade in your 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max with Microsoft, you’ll get $700 back in return. Some might argue that they can get a better deal from other channels, but Microsoft’s online exchange program lets you cut out unwanted space-wasting junk without dealing with vendor competition, listing fees, challenging buyers, and other hassles.

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