How to Find an IMEI Number Without a Phone ?

how to use imei number to track ios

What Is The IMEI Number & Why You Need Know ?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you may need its IMEI number to make a police complaint or establish that it belongs to you. This number can be found in a variety of locations, including the product box and your cell phone carrier. Even if the SIM card is replaced, the IMEI is the phone’s serial number, and it can’t be altered without specialist equipment. Your cellular operator can put the IMEI number to an international blacklist to prevent anybody else from activating the phone, and they may even be able to trace down the phone’s location using it.

how to use imei number to track

  • Receipts and Packaging

Look for the IMEI number on a sticker affixed to the outside of the original box or packing for the phone. The IMEI number is 15 digits long and may or may not be tagged. It’s frequently found next to a bar code. If you can’t find the phone’s packing, look for the original contract or receipt. The IMEI number must be included.


  • Your Cellular Service Provider

Examine your paper monthly bill or your account statement on the internet. Many service providers include the IMEI number in the billing statement. If you can’t locate it here, contact the business that supplies your cellular service for assistance. In most circumstances, the IMEI number is already in their record, and if the phone is lost or stolen, the provider can terminate service.


  • Android Phones

Your IMEI number may be found on your Google Dashboard website if you have an Android phone that has been synchronised with Google (link in Resources). Sign in with the same account you used to sync the phone, and then select “Android” from the drop-down menu to see a list of all your registered devices. Each device’s IMEI number is shown by Google.


  • Apple iPhones

You can get the IMEI number on your computer if you have an iPhone that was synced using iTunes. Launch iTunes and go to the Edit or iTunes menu and pick “Preferences.” Hover your cursor over the entry for your iPhone under the “Devices” tab. In a pop-up box, the IMEI number displays.

how to use imei number to track ios

  • Guidelines

If you still have the phone, the IMEI number may generally be found by calling “*#06#” or looking at the label behind the battery pack.


  • How to Identify a Mobile’s Location Using Its IMEI Number?

Every mobile phone has its unique IMEI number, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. The IMEI is a 16- or 17-digit code made up of numbers and letters that may be found printed on your phone’s battery. Even if your phone’s battery isn’t the original, you may still obtain your IMEI code. If your phone is lost or stolen, mobile phone companies can utilise triangulation to find it using the IMEI code.


Find out what your IMEI code is. In the event that your phone is missing, you should have these information written down someplace. On the battery, there is a 17-digit code. Another approach to get your IMEI is to dial *#06# on your phone, which will display the IMEI on the screen.

  1. Make contact with your cell phone service provider. Give them a legitimate cause to trace your phone.
  2. Give your IMEI code to your cell phone carrier. The company will then use a technique known as triangulation to track your phone.

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