Howard University Cancels Classes After Ransomware Attack

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Howard University in Washington, DC, has recently been the subject of a Pressurized Response due to an online video that showed a student urinating on a cot in a dining hall. The Pressured Response occurred after a professor was asked to appear on a local station and discuss the situation. This professor had previously addressed similar incidents via email to the students in his department. This professor issued

the following statement on his institution’s website:

Howard University Cancels Classes After Ransomware Attack

“If someone is seriously threatening or harassing students, faculty, staff or administration at this college, we will not tolerate it, and we will take appropriate actions. We have sent out multiple warnings to the student who posted the video. It is unfortunate that people are interested in attacking other people’s feelings, but as a college institution we are also focused on protecting the safety of our students. We cannot allow threats or intimidation on our campus or anywhere else.”

Two days later, the University sent out a mass email to students and faculty informing them of the immediate and future closure of all classes. One student commented on the email, “I am very disappointed and annoyed that they have closed classes even if the threat is only a joke. Obviously this is not the right decision to make. If you truly believe that this is a threat then I am sure you will join me in condemning this action of bullying and intimidation. Howard University is always more than willing to provide security for our students and faculty and will always put safety first before anything else.”

Howard University also said that it is reviewing all safety procedures in light of the events that took place on the Howard University campus on the day of the attack. Several other colleges and universities have done the same. The fact that Howard University can cancel classes for a few days is an attack on the free speech rights of its students and faculty. This type of behavior is unacceptable and has to be condemned by everyone.

After Ransomware Attack

A second reason as to why Howard University decided to cancel classes is because of safety concerns. Students were calling and texting their parents at home and at their jobs to get a hold of someone they could talk to about their fears about being attacked on their college campuses. This is just another reason why Howard needs to increase security around its campus. They need to make people think twice about threatening or harassing people on school property.

The third reason is the fact that students were coming to class unprepared and were not provided with adequate training regarding how to respond during an attack. This is a huge problem and one that demands a strong response from Howard. Someone who does nothing other than create publicity for themselves usually attacks a school. They do not care whether their motives are right or wrong. It is ultimately the victim’s fault for allowing this person into their world, and Howard University should have security in place to prevent this type of behavior.

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