How the Lenovo ThinkPad Chromium Puts the Workaholic in the Workplace


The new Chromebook from Lenovo is a comprehensive, feature-rich, and affordable all-in-one solution for business IT professionals. Designed to be a complete workhorse for organizations that need cloud computing solutions, the latest edition of the Lenovo Supersizes Chrome OS brings together a powerful laptop and powerful internet access to help you get more done. Combining a powerful hardware platform with advanced software features designed to make your work go even faster, the Lenovo P12 Pro is designed to make your business go mobile.

Lenovo Supersizes Its Affordable Chromebook Detachable Tablet

The new chromebook from Lenovo Supersizes its competitors. It offers a streamlined design, powerful hardware, and cutting-edge software that give you the power you need to accomplish your work. It is streamlined in its design, with a sleeker, thinner design and a bezel-free front panel. It offers an innovative, “squared” keyboard that is comfortable to use. The keyboard also includes a touch sensitive facility. This means that you can not only type properly on the Chromebook but also that you can use it as if you are using a desktop computer.

The ultra-slim, matte finish, six-point multitouch keyboard makes it easier than ever to type on the new Chromebook. You can navigate between files, record video, or do virtually anything else you might do on a standard laptop or tablet. The extended battery life provided by the internal Laptop Power Port ensure that you will never be stuck in a low-activity state when on the road. The extended USB port gives you access to all of your other devices, such as cameras, microphones, and printers. The Chromebook Pro is the ultimate portable device for any modern office professional.


The advanced multi-touch display on the chromebook allows you to input text or data directly on the screen. The on-screen keyboard is responsive and ergonomically designed to make working with it a pleasure rather than a nuisance. An array of accessories including pen holders, mice, and monitors further enhances the comfort of working on the device. With the additional accessories, the chromebook has the appearance and performance of a full-fledged laptop.

One of the most notable features of the new device is the extended warranty offered by Lenovo. Many laptop warranties are limited to one year, but the warranty offered on this device is unlimited. The extensive warranty covers everything from parts and labor to accidental damage and defects. In addition, it also covers accidental disconnection of the device at any time, for which many laptop manufacturers offer no refund coverage.

With many reviews of the device saying that it is light and comfortable to use, it’s easy to see why this company wants to take its ultra-portable Laptop into the next level. No matter where you go, you can always count on the versatility of the chromebook. Whether you need to travel or just want to use it at home, the new device will fit in your bag easily. Whether you want to use it at a trade show or work conference, the laptop works as well as many of the professional laptops on the market today. And with the advanced security features, the price is quite reasonable too.

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