Microsoft Start Serves Up a Personalized News Feed

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Microsoft Start Serves Up a Personalized News Feed

Microsoft has just launched a new Start menu feature that allows you to customize how your Start menu appears. Microsoft Start up is very much similar to the current Microsoft Outlook Express start up feature. One of the biggest differences is that Microsoft has integrated the Microsoft Social Networking site Twitter and Facebook. You can now use these social networking sites to share , get updates on weather and even perform tasks right from the Start menu. With Microsoft new Personalization options in the Microsoft Start menu, you can easily change the Start menu and experience a more customized experience.

Microsoft has enhanced the Microsoft Start up experience by including your customized tile colors, profile picture, and new tool tips. These new features make the Microsoft Start up experience more personal and give you the power you need to manage your online accounts. With your customizable tile color, you can express your unique personality through your Start menu. If you have a dark-skinned person in your team, you can express your professionalism by changing your Start tile color to reflect your work environment with crisp white background.

You can also change your default tile style to reflect your tastes and activities. If you are into sports, you can choose to add a sports themed tile to your Microsoft Start menu. For those who like to enjoy fine food, you can have the new tile color reflecting your love for fine foods. You can also change your default tile color anytime if you want to do so. There’s no other easier way to personalize the Start menu than with a new tile color.

Microsoft has also included Microsoft feeds in the Microsoft Start menu. Microsoft feeds will display the latest articles from Microsoft directly on your Start tile. News updates are conveniently displayed on your tile, so you don’t even need to leave your desk to enjoy the latest Microsoft updates. This personalization is available for all six Microsoft operating systems including Windows Vista and Windows XP Home Edition.

Microsoft Start has many more customizable attributes, including the Start menu itself. If you would like to customize your Start menu, you can simply right-click on the Start button in the taskbar and then click Customize. From there you can select the tile color, image and other features that you want to add to your Start menu. You can change your Start menu’s background, border style, font color, and other file attributes to suit your individual preferences. You can even have the Start menu appear at the top of your desktop when you start your computer for faster access to your most used programs.

Microsoft has also included a number of additional personalization features that can be customized as well. For example, if you wish to start with Microsoft as your brand, you can do so by using Microsoft as your default Personal branding. In addition, if you wish to start with a specific time period or geographic location, Microsoft can also show your information based on your personalized settings. All these enhancements make Microsoft Start a very powerful tool for enhancing your computing experience.

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