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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 leak: gapless, smaller, and lighter than ever

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 leak gapless smaller and lighter

Trusted Technology Advisor ice world He’s back again, this time spilling the beans on the potential size and weight of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. At first glance, these changes are fairly minor, though the noticeable reduction in weight could indicate that rumors of a gapless hinge redesign were more than idle chatter.

According to the leak, the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 will measure 6.09 x 5.11 x 0.24 inches when opened, and 6.09 x 2.64 x 0.52 inches when folded. It’s a small change, but another step in the right direction at least for Samsung. However, it’s the Fold 5’s 254g weight that could be more significant in these leaked specs.

Galaxy Z Fold: The story of the strap

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Header cell – column 0 Galaxy Z Fold 5 (Rumored) Galaxy Z Fold 4 difference
to rise 154.9 mm (6.09 in) 155.1 mm (6.1 in) 0.2 mm
Width (open) 129.9 mm (5.11 in) 130.1 mm (5.12 in) 0.2 mm
depth (open) 6.1 mm (0.24 in) 6.3 mm (0.24 in) 0.2 mm
Width (folded) 67.1 mm (2.64 in) 67.1 mm (2.64 in) 0 mm
Depth (folded) 13.4 mm (0.52 in) 14.2~15.8mm (0.55~0.62in) 0.8~2.4mm
Weight 254 grams 263 grams 9 grams

It seems that the new dimensions of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can confirm this Previous reports Samsung is adopting a “teardrop” design for its latest hinge.

This design allows the screen to curve into the body of the phone when closed to eliminate noticeable screen creases and any gaps that appear in the clamshell-like fold. However, it requires more internal space for the display to fit snugly inside the device when folded.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is 9g lighter than the Fold 4, which may indicate that this space was found by shrinking the internals. However, what was cut back remains to be seen. A potential sacrifice, though, would be the Fold 5’s two-cell size — which would negatively affect its runtime.

Same source too reports That Korean media is suggesting that Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy Z Fold 5 during its Unpacked event in Busan, South Korea during the second half of 2023 – likely in the last week of July.


Samsung previously held its Unpacked events throughout August, and this earlier-than-usual announcement could be a direct result of pixel foldAd expected in Google I/O in May.

If the reports are correct, Samsung will no doubt be keen to show off its new gapless (and non-holographic) design as soon as possible to avoid potential customers being turned away from the brand by Google’s latest device.

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