The Google Clock Issue – How to Stop Your Alarm From Waking You Up on Time

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Google Clock is an application that integrates with the Google+ social platform. As a part of that integration, Google Clock now displays a second clock on your Android phone, called the Google Clock widget. This clock appears on the same page as the Google+ widget it’s connected to. It’s a nice piece of neat functionality provided by Google, but unfortunately, it’s also causing some major issues with some of Google’s latest releases of its own apps and programs on Google Play. Some users have found a number of bugs in the Google Clock application, which Google has acknowledged and is working to fix. Google states in a support page for users of the Google Clock app:

Google Clock issue

There are two possible causes of this glitch. The first is that Google Clock is actually not going off by itself. Google says in its Google Android FAQ: “Some Google Android Clock widgets might not show up in certain devices. When this happens, you’ll see an orange ‘OS verification error’ on your phone. We’re working on a solution for this.”

Google has provided a second, temporary solution to this ongoing problem. If you want to get rid of the Google Clock widget and restore your device to factory settings, you simply switch to the official Google Android uninstaller. This will temporarily stop the annoying Google Clock bar from displaying. You can also try using a PC compatible registry cleaner tool to remove the various settings & files that Google has placed on your PC. These steps should both work, however in the event that your Google Clock widget is not going away by itself after switching to a different OS, you may need to deal with a third party computer program to completely erase the setting from your computer.

So why did Google fail to release an official fix for this annoying bug? Well, it’s probably because so many people are having issues with the Google Clock app. Many people have reported problems with the date/time selections, while others cannot get it to turn on at all. This doesn’t mean that this was the only Google OS issue for many people, since there are still other bugs that the popular program has to deal with.

It’s a good thing that Google has released an official fix for the Google Clock app, since it’s arguably one of the most used smartphone apps on the planet. With millions of apps available to download from the Play Store, it’s impossible for any new program to gain traction. Even if a brand new app does get approved by Google, it’s still likely that it will experience many more technical difficulties than many other apps do, since many people are skeptical about apps that don’t launch on every platform or are only available on a select few devices.

In addition to the Google Clock issue, some users have complained about broken Android Dialer and Google Now. The former program is said to be extremely functional, but its current implementation causes a lot of problems for users, as it constantly goes off by itself and doesn’t go back to the main screen after being used. In addition, the Google Now feature is said to be very useful, but has still been causing quite a lot of confusion for many people. Google Now, which is integrated into the phone’s stock Android navigation app, is supposed to provide information and facts in the form of cards, but it hasn’t been able to gain much popularity so far. With these two features, many people are annoyed by how often they go off-screen and how long they take to fully load.

As if the Google Clock issue and the other problems mentioned above weren’t enough, some people have also reported issues with the Google Now and dialer features of the app. Many complaints come from people who were able to set up an alarm, only to find that it wouldn’t go off or that they can’t answer the phone anymore. Google has offered refunds to these users, but the damage has already been done, as many people would have been affected by this broken alarm feature. To add to the woes of this Google app, only a few days ago, it was discovered that there are actually thousands of fake Google Clock reviews left by scam buyers who had obtained the application through the illegal means of downloading it from illegal download websites.

If you have been having issues with your Google Clock lately, then you should really take care of this problem and make sure you wake up on time. Although Google has taken steps to prevent people from accessing their Clock application illegally, there are still some people who would like to gain illegal access to the alarm app in order to use it for their own purposes. Since Google is in competition with a lot of companies in the smartphone market today, it is only natural that they would make an application that acts as another company’s competitor. This is exactly what is happening here, as this illegal program can trick you into believing that the Google Clock application has been updated when it has not. As a matter of fact, you are only viewing an older version of the clock, making you susceptible to different malicious programs like viruses and malware as more information about the security issue becomes available.

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