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The Wacom One encourages you to create and explore digital possibilities and expressions on a 13.3” screen with a realistic pen and paper feel. On a 13.3″ display with natural surface friction that allows for intuitive painting on screen, your ideas will come to life in vivid colour. It seems like you are sketching or writing on paper. With a light, accurate, ergonomically built pen, you may draw, edit photographs and movies, or brainstorm and take digital notes. Many new 2D and 3D artists seeking for more natural methods to produce may find the Wacom One to be a step forward.


The Wacom One is one of the first drawing displays I’ve owned in a long time. When I wanted a visualisation tool, I utilised Wacom’s Cintiq 13 and Cintiq 21 around five years ago. However, for a variety of reasons, both of these machines ended themselves in eBay paradise. First, because they were always a cabling nightmare, and second, because they were large and bulky.

ViewSonic ID1330 Pro Price Review & Specification


Launch Date Jan 07 ,2020


Weight 1.0 kilograms
Colours Black


Screen Size 225 x 357 x 14.6 mm
Screen Resolution 5080 LPI
Display Type IPS LCD
Touch Screen Stylus

Network & Connectivity

Voice Calling No
Wi-Fi No
USB Connectivity USB C ,HDMI

Software Includes

1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator
3. Corel Draw
4. ZBrush

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