Wacom PTH660P Intuos Pro Price Review & Specification


Wacom PTH660P Intuos Pro Price Review & Specification


Good Display

The Wacom Intuos Pro Small has rounded sides and is matte black. It measures 0.3 by 10.6 by 6.7 inches (HWD), which is nearly identical to the measurements of my 9.7inch, sixthgeneration Apple iPad, except that it is approximately an inch longer. The active area of the tablet is 6.3 by 4 inches and is delimited at four sides by right-angle white hash marks. This defined region is represented on your computer screen. Hover the pen over the bottom right corner of the active area, for example, and your cursor will appear in that corner.


With a fresh style and wonderful new features, the new Intuos Pro is a step forward in graphics tablet advancement, especially with the new function. Buying may not be worth it if you already possess an Intuos Pro model, but it is a significant advance over the much earlier Intuos, as well as the Bamboo or Intuos line (the 2015 models & before). This might be a possibility if you own a non-Wacom graphics tablet.

The rough texture of the new Intuos Pro, although appealing to certain artists because it mimics the way paper texture works, may cause the pen nib to wear out faster. Many people will be offended.

Wacom PTH660P Intuos Pro Specification Details


Launch Date Sep 18 ,2018


Weight 700 grams
Colours Black


Screen Size 224 x 148 mm / 8.7 x 5.8 in
Screen Resolution 5080 LPI
Display Type IPS LCD
Touch Screen Stylus

Network & Connectivity

Voice Calling No
Wi-Fi No
USB Connectivity USB  ,HDMI

Software Includes

1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator
3. Corel Painter
4. Corel Draw


The prices mentioned here are in USD and are subjected to change at any point of time and may as well differ based on the country due to duty taxes and the ever-changing rate of dollar. On this website, we have targeted the prices mainly in the regions of USA, UK, India and Pakistan.

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